Heather Byars






“You are a fantastic music teacher. I love the way my girls run straight to the piano to practice when they get home from their lesson. Last night Hollie wrote a song for you. After only three lessons Hannah is also composing a song. Wow! Something to feel great about in this crazy world!”

“I love that when my children walk in the door after two days at Grandmas the first thing they do is yell ‘dibs on the piano!’"

Lori Hardin - Studio Mom

"I don't know what made me start taking piano lessons but it's the greatest thing that's ever happened to me."

Hannah, Age 9

"My experience at Birmingham Keyboard Arts Center prepared me so thoroughly to go on to major in Music Education and eventually teach secondary choral music. Mrs. Byars effectively and continuously teaches her students music theory, scales, quality literature, and most importantly, musicality. I am so thankful to have been her student."

Meredith Collins DeVore - Choral Director, Clay-Chalkville Middle School

“Heather is an excellent and gifted teacher. She is a perfect combination of skill and kindhearted teaching! I have taken from several other teachers, and no one else is as well matched with refined tutelage and a fun personality. You will benefit greatly from your time with Heather! “

Kristen Dutt - Adult

“When I was little, piano was awful to me, and I hated it. I dreaded upcoming practices and lessons. When I began lessons with Mrs. Heather the summer before seventh grade, she showed me a different perspective of playing the piano. She played the piano like it was a precious gift, not a tedious chore on her to-do list. She greatly encouraged me and I became determined to be able to play the piano like her someday. I was no longer anxious about future lessons and practices, but used the piano as an outlet for stress and overwhelming emotion. When I play the piano I can let all my anger and sadness and frustration flow into beautiful music for my and others’ enjoyment. Thank you, Mrs. Heather, for everything.”

Rachel, Age 16

"I have studied at the Birmingham Keyboard Arts Center with Heather Byars for almost fourteen years. She has been incredibly patient in the faces of minor injuries and scheduling issues. She has always been helpful and supportive, and I have learned so much from her about music and life. My piano experience has not only been fun, but meaningful and enriching as well."

Noelle Vines, Age 18

"I like playing the music a lot. When I play the piano I feel like a real musician! Some of the pieces remind me of things that happened in my life. Like the cat piece I did, it reminded me of ZiZi."

Audrey, Age 7

“Piano lessons are so special to me.  Most children don’t get to play and learn piano.  Music is something you can do for your whole life and pass on to your own children.  I’m happy that my Mom gets to be my teacher.  She is really nice.  I feel so proud of myself when I learn new songs that were hard at first.   I’m a lucky little girl.   Piano is so much fun!”

Anabel, Age 8

“I began playing the piano at the young age of 50.  In her friendly and seemingly undemanding style, Heather has pushed me to be a better piano player and has introduced me to a world I previously did not know existed.”

Leonard Wertheimer, age 63

“I take piano lessons at Miss Heather’s Piano Heaven!”

Walker, Age 8

“I think you were a good piano teacher.  I love your great and nice soul that makes me laugh.  I will miss you.”

Walker, Age 10

“I have always loved how happy you are and how joyful you are.  I’ll never forget the special nickname you gave us, Brother Dear and Brother Darling.  I’ll miss you so much.”

Henry, Age 10

“I think of you and your gift of teaching every morning as sweet sounds fill our home.  JoHannah isn't even out of PJ’s before she enjoys musical moments.”

Teresa Prince - Studio Mom






It is an honor and a privilege to witness and share my students lives as they mature from children into adults.  Many students stay in touch long after they have graduated.  I love being invited to celebrate special milestones in their lives, like weddings and baby showers, or just meeting for lunch.  With each crop of graduates my circle grows ever wider and my heart more full.  I haven't been asked to teach the child of a former student yet, but I have a feeling that day is coming soon.

Heather Byars



I miss you so much! I wanted to let you know that I was able to play "I See the Light" from Tangled for my sorority's recruitment last weekend! Because of the amazing years I spent learning from you, I was able to pick it up and be able to play it in a week and a half! I really enjoyed it. I have been playing some in the practice rooms here at Samford. I really miss having lessons and practicing everyday! You were the best teacher ever! I am so thankful for everything you taught me, your constant encouragement and believing in me, and all the fun we had!  I hope to come visit some time!

Olivia Odom, Age 19

“Mrs. Byars really inspires me to do my best and is an amazing piano teacher.  She is very kind and her favorite color is red.  She also has a very nice and musical family.”

JoHannah, Age 9

“Just looked at the newest photo of Theo on your website. He is so happy when he is at his lesson! Thank you.”

Tina Simonton - Studio Mom